Hi, welcome to my website.

I am

a programmer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

available for special projects & collaboration.

Since you landed here you are probably looking for someone who can build your new website.

Well done! You found the man for the job.

I can handle projects such as websites (personal, company profile, e-commerce, etc). Besides that, I can also make applications and games for Android and Windows.

Are you interested?


Not interested?

Ok, I see.

Check out my recent work.

Do it!


Hmm, you are hard to crack!

Surely you want to know more about how I handle a project:



Send me a detailed briefing including the following information: who you are / core values / business goals / target group / what you are selling / required features / scope of the project or sitemap / timeframe and deadlines / examples of other sites you like / everything else you think is important.



I will have an in-depth look at your briefing and evaluate whether the project fits both parties conditions and requirements. If it's a match, we will have a meeting (in person or via WhatsApp) to discuss how to proceed.



We discuss approaches and concepts in order to find the perfect solution for your needs. If necessary, there can be multiple workshops.



For the design concept can be from you or from me. Or you can talk about design issues together.



After approval of the design/mood the respective screendesign will be developed. I will provide a test-link so you can check the current status after each milestone.


Quality Assurance

After developing all parts of the website, applications, or games we continue to test on multiple browsers and devices to fix bugs. Given your final approval the website, applications, or games is ready to be shipped.

Hey, you can also contact me on


How the heck did you get down here? Go back up and read it all again. Maybe that helps.